Wining About Marketing Podcast

Where a group of B2B marketing (and sales) leaders discuss the key marketing issues of today…while drinking a lot of wine.

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Special Guest: Jess Weimer, Vice President, Global Revenue Marketing, Confluent 

Jess and other B2B marketing experts discuss the differences between account-based marketing (ABM) and account-based orchestration (ABO). You'll learn about the inter-departmental agreement required to ensure a successful account-based strategy, how to work with tech vendors amid launching your account-based strategy, and how to leverage intent data to improve your ABO strategy and boost results.

Videos and Speaking Engagements

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Rebooting How Sales and Marketing Use Intent Data

During this panel, Henry, Ed, and David will solve the biggest challenge that B2B marketing and sales teams face with intent data today: making intent data actionable. You'll learn how to leverage the tool to engage key decision-makers from target accounts, how to use the intent data to guide your prospecting, nurturing, and content marketing strategies, and how to identify “at risk” accounts and expand those with the greatest revenue growth potential.


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Activating Intent Data: Solving The #1 Challenge Sales and Marketing Teams Have With Intent Data

During this episode of Stop The Sales Drop podcast, Eric, Eric, and David articulate the biggest intent data challenge from a marketing and sales standpoint: how to activate and leverage the tool to connect with in-market accounts. With topics ranging from how teams are ineffectively using intent data, to generating revenue from your in-market accounts and revising messaging and content around those that aren't converting, there's a lot to dive into.