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What Percentage Of Your Target Accounts Is In-Market And Looking To Buy, At Any Given Time? 

Companies across every industry operate under a shared belief that at any given time, only 3% of our target accounts is actually ready to purchase. But can we really risk operating under a false pretense? We partnered with LeadSift to find out.

After analyzing the online research habits of 114,000+ organizations, David Crane, VP of Marketing at Intentsify, Tukan Das, CEO at LeadSift, and Eric Gruber, CEO at Personal ABM, discussed the results to help you better understand the value and most effective use of intent data. 

Key Findings

  1. There is no "hard-set" percentage of target accounts really looking to buy your products/solutions at any given time—the number of accounts will vary across categories and company sizes—breaking the notion that only 3% of your target accounts is in-market to purchase.
  2. Larger companies emit a greater number of intent signals, likely due to having larger budgets, more sophisticated processes, an increased need for solutions, and more people charged with varying research needs.
  3. Using 2+ intent data providers unearths more high-quality prospects. When you have more sources covering a larger expanse of online research activities, you learn more about your prospects' needs and interests.

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