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About The Report

Intent data is information acquired from digital sources about a business's behavior and content consumption. B2B marketers are using this insight throughout their funnels, creating a picture of potential buyers' actions in order to identify and engage the right target accounts with the right content, at the right moment.

What we found...the use of intent data is on the rise—90% of participants are either currently using intent data or are in the process of implementing its use. Therefore, if you aren't using intent signals to enhance your overall marketing efforts, you're officially behind the curve. But not all intent data is created equal, and B2B marketers are faced with myriad challenges in making effective use of the data itself.

In this report, we address these challenges and seek to discover how B2B marketers are using intent data to help you effectively maximize marketing and sales output. 

Key Insights

  • Gauging overall success. Intent data users perceive their overall marketing strategy to be more successful than non-users.

  • Strategic sophistication may come with intent use. Marketers who are actively using intent data are more concerned with growth and fine-tuning challenges, while non-users view more fundamental issues as their greatest obstacles.

  • Challenges come with major costs. Nearly 6/10 B2B marketers experience wasted resources and staff time as a result of facing the challenges associated with intent data use. 

  • The key to marketing and sales alignment. The top complaints from sales, according to B2B marketers, are data relevancy and ensuring that there is an established hand-off process that equips sales with appropriate messaging for targeted accounts.

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