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About the Guide

Generating revenue in today’s dynamic B2B market has become much more complex. Each account, buying team, and decision-maker has unique priorities—and they all want to access information on their own terms. Combined with an economic downturn, which has resulted in budget cuts and mass layoffs, the days of just hiring more salespeople or unleashing media budgets to buy more leads are gone. And there’s more noise than ever as companies compete for fewer active B2B buyers.

With so many variables at play, how do you move forward with confidence and develop an orchestrated, efficient go-to-market (GTM) strategy aligned with evolving buyer needs with limited resources? B2B enterprises need buyer and account intelligence that can be easily incorporated into sales, marketing, and customer success plays. And they require turnkey solutions that can precisely target and optimize demand generation programs using the latest intent signals.

This comprehensive guide shows you how to maximize precision intent data as part of your GTM efforts, driving the business outcomes required to generate efficient and measurable revenue impact.  

 You’ll learn how to: 

  • Navigate the realities of the economic downturn and today’s dynamic B2B buying, selling, and customer generation landscape
  • Identify the right use cases to apply intent intelligence for your business
  • Avoid common intent data challenges and shortcomings to maximize value
  • Transform intent data into actionable buyer and account intelligence that fuels dynamic GTM strategies and effectively generates measurable revenue impact