About the Guide

B2B marketing is no easy feat. Success demands more than just clever campaigns — you need the right tools, technology, and team to drive real results. At Intentsify, we practice what we preach. We asked our marketing and sales team how they use intent data in their role and why adopting a signal-based marketing strategy is the key to success.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Turn intent data into signal-based marketing.
  • Build an intent-driven demand generation campaign.
  • Get better leads from content syndication.
  • Go beyond LinkedIn targeting constraints.
  • Prioritize accounts for sales outreach.
  • Evaluate marketing technology vendors.

Intentsify delivers the industry's most powerful intent data and activation solutions to increase pipeline, accelerate deals, and decrease customer acquisition costs for B2B organizations. Combining the latest advancements in AI, and unrivaled portfolio of data sources, and an industry-leading media ecosystem, Intentsify informs full-funnel buy interactions and automates key engagement activities.